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EvaiLite comes with 20 popular Crypto, DeFi and NFT assets rated by our unique multi-factor model which is updated every 4hrs ready for you to review and understand each rated asset. We have customisable dashboards to choose a selection of indicators, a learning centre and the latest news from an RSS feed so you don’t miss out on the latest Crypto news from around the globe!


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EvaiPro gives users access to the full range of cryptoassets we have on the platform.

You choose your arsenal and with a choice of over 300 cryptoassets being uploaded every month, you'll never be short of valuable insight to get you ahead of the pack. EvaiPro will offer the highest quality in ratings based on multi-factor criteria which will be underpinned by AI and ML. There will be a full crypto sphere of instruments with a list of over 9000+ being rated. Access to the EvaiPro is available to all Evai token holders who hold $250 worth of EVAI.


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For professional fund managers who recognise the power of well-researched information. For those who aspire to manage their own portfolio in the most efficient and profitable way, EvaiElite empowers you.

It is a proven fact that traditional technical indicators and analysis do not offer any trading advantage in today’s financial markets — and cryptoassets are no different!

EvaiElite harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, coupled with the latest in academic theory, to give you an important advantage that enables you to make fast and accurate decisions on portfolio constituents.

You decide which category or combination of categories you want to trade and we give you the tools to build the most efficient portfolio. You can choose to focus on a particular sector of interest or select the highest-rated assets from each category to benefit from the risk-reducing rewards of diversification.

Structure your own combination of assets and either backtest using EvaiElite testing tools or build your live portfolio which is able to constantly rebalance in line with Evai Ratings.

Holders of the EVAI token enjoy access to EvaiPro for unlimited cryptoassets and EvaiElite for exclusive account management tools to build and rebalance funds powered by Evai ratings.
EvaiPro is a token-based membership whereby access is gained by holding a minimum of $250 USD of EVAI tokens in your wallet.
Our goal is to make industry data readily available to anyone to help better inform investment decisions in the cryptoasset market for retail to institutional investors.
Ratings Model

Separate the signal from the noise and avoid human bias by harnessing a multi-factor economic model designed to reduce risk and identify long-term asset value.

Market Indicators

Choose between an ever-expanding selection of key market indicators including Sharpe, Sortino, and Traynor ratios as well as Evai’s proprietary Illiquidity Measure, created specifically to evaluate less-liquid markets.


Build the market around you and create multiple customised dashboards from the metrics and indicators you consider most important. Access real-time, actionable data and harness professional charting tools to help analyse the cryptoasset market.

Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning

AI and ML constantly optimise and evolve the ratings, providing real-time feedback to help shape ratings and mold platform development.

Join EvaiPro today and unlock 24/7 support and exclusive market intelligence compiled by Professor Andros Gregoriou and the Evai ratings team.

Upcoming ratings and customised APIs
Exchange Ratings & Indicators

Want to know more about the variety of exchanges that are out there, and which ones have the best opportunities for crypto enthusiasts and investors?

Broker Ratings & Indicators

Ratings on cryptoasset exchanges and brokers designed to better inform traders on liquidity, volume and overall sentiment.

ICO/IEO Ratings & Indicators

Get access to our up-and-coming IEO/ICO ratings and indicators which will allow you to get a deeper set of insights on new pre-launch blockchain and crypto projects being released.

Central Bank Digital Currency Ratings & Indicators

The race is on for central banks around the world to develop their own digital currencies. Our CBDC ratings and indicators are designed and implemented around new emerging assets.

Customised Crypto
Ratings API

If you are interested in using the Evai ratings model or variants of it in your own applications or digital platforms we offer packages that can be tailored to your requirements.

Indicators API

We are developing hundreds of different indicators for our growing suite of rated assets. A variety of tailored Evai API’s are available for integration with your project.


You choose the metrics.
Build the market around you.

From on-chain basics such as block times and mining fees to more complex risk-adjusted return ratios and exclusive liquidity measures, Evai allows you to build dashboards from the metrics you consider most important.

We provide blockchain data and cryptoasset analysis to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, advanced and retail investors. Our cryptoasset indicators and crypto performance tools, Evai education support and customer service help our users understand what is happening with cryptoassets and their related blockchains allowing them to make smarter investment choices.

Infinite Power Factors

Gain unique insights into the cryptoasset market
Explore a multi-factor ratings model built on economic research, machine learning, and AI.

Evai ratings draw from an infinite combination of market factors to determine the most statistically
significant in identifying risk and capturing long term asset value.

How easily an asset can be sold, bought or traded.


The ease with which an asset can be bought and sold without impacting the market price. Liquid assets are normally stable, less influenced by market slippage and easily transferred, making them more appealing to traders.

The community consensus toward an asset or market.


The community consensus toward an asset or market. Sentiment can be qualified via psychology-based indicators such and the Fear and Greed index. We seek to capture asset sentiment and identify bullish and bearish biases.

The Sharpe Ratio and how it has changed over time.


Return per unit of risk. This is a fundamental measurement of investment performance. The higher the risk-adjusted return, the better the investment. We use risk measures to identify assets that have performed well compared to those that have underperformed.

The rate of change in an asset’s price movement over time.


The rate of change of an asset's price movement over time. Financial assets experience uptrends and downtrends. Measuring momentum helps ascertain the strength and the continuation of an existing market trend.

Assessing the agility of the cryptoasset and the issuer.


Quantifying utility involves determining asset application, adoption, community engagement and development activity. We can measure asset utility and overall quality by analysing metrics such as the number of active addresses, GitHub pull requests, supply distribution and on-chain volume.

Behavioural Bias
Measuring the effect of behavioural biases on asset value.

Behavioural Bias

Measuring the effect of behavioural biases on asset value. Behavioural economics state that various cognitive biases can introduce market anomalies and impact the intrinsic value of assets. We exploit this hypothesis to measure potential divergences from fundamental value.

The risk of market bubbles and price deflation.


Weighing excess to determine asset bubble risk. An asset bubble caused by over-enthusiastic investors increases the chance of reversal. We seek to gauge the probability of a bubble forming and determine the odds of a significant pullback in price.

Market Risk
Gauging how tied an asset's value is to market fluctuation.

Market Risk

How correlated an asset is to the broader cryptoasset market. When the market risk is high the asset will magnify the performance of the market. This can reflect positively on price in an uptrend but will pose investment challenges in poor economic conditions.

Assets are ranked according to market capitalisation and investigated.


Determined by the current price multiplied by the circulating supply, market capitalisation is an important determinant of cryptoasset value and demand. We rank assets according to capitalisation and use this as an indicator of potential market performance.

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Our selected cryptoasset indicators drive the ratings platform, highlighting risks and providing an indication of long-term asset value.

It is our goal to make this industry data readily available to anyone to help better inform investment decisions in crypto, NTF and DeFi-based assets.

We currently support the following market indicators and are expanding this list all the time: Turnover Ratio, Adjusted Turnover Ratio, Amihud Ratio, Gregoriou Ratio, Roll Spread, Effective Spreads, Quoted Spreads, Fear & Greed index, Social History Index, Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, Moving Average, Rate of Change, Proxy ROI, Peak End, Value Demand, Fibonacci Retracement, Ichimoku Cloud, Bollinger Band, Stochastic Oscillator, Market Factor, Treynor Index, Market Capitalisation.

About Evai

Evai is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) presenting a world-class decentralised ratings platform for crypto, DeFi and NFT-based assets that can be used by anyone to evaluate these new asset classes.

Through a combination of peer-reviewed financial research and economic modelling, Evai provides decentralised and impartial ratings based on a multi-factor AI & ML model that removes the need for human intervention.

Evai encourages community engagement through a distributed token-based governance system that allows EVAI holders to vote and reach consensus on platform upgrades, security protocols and which cryptoasset instruments are added next to the ratings platform.

About Evai

The EVAI token provides access to Ratings Platform, through EvaiPro and EvaiElite memberships for retail and institutional investors.


Investment in our crypto index tracker fund offering diversified exposure to leading cryptoassets powered by Evai Ratings.


Participation in project revival whereby EVAI token holders receive a share of the rewards.

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