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Growing our community - 60 Day Free Trial Campaign

Counting down to the launch of the Evai rating platform in 2021, we launched a pre-registration campaign, giving the crypto community and investors the chance to get a 60-day free trial when it launches. Leading crypto influencers got involved and spread the word to build anticipation and grow our community.


Founder & Investor Staking implemented

We have deployed EVAI (EV) token staking for all early investors and founders for a period of 6 months.


Astrolabs Dubai

Evai sets up a UAE office that will be hubbed in Dubai at Astrolabs.


Smartchain Testnet

Smartchain integration for EVAI Token (EV) completed and now on smartchain for Audit by Certik.

16.12.2020 joins Brighton Research Innovation technology Exchange

Evai is invited to join the Brighton Research Innovation Technology Exchange (BRITE), a business innovation program geared towards helping ambitious and established businesses reach their full potential. We settle in at our new offices at the Plus X Innovation Hub, which is affiliated to the BRITE programme.


Smartchain Integration

Smartchain integration started for BEP20 protocol.


Creative Director Appointed

Evai hires experienced Creative Director Rob Perryman to lead the continued development of the brand across all marketing channels. Rob brings with him experience of working on leading tech brands including 3 Mobile.


Founders & Investors Token Staking

All founders and initial Investors have unanimously agreed to stake their EVAI Tokens effectively locking up their token allocations for a period of 6 months or longer.


Journey towards listing begins

Application documents received from identified exchanges and the team began the rigorous process of completing all necessary checks covering every aspect of the business from our legal compliance to our technological capabilities, business structure and future roadmap.


ETH Data charts installed on development platform

ETH charts installed on the development platform


Legal Review Completed

Legal Review of Tokenomics and Smart contract audit completed.


AI Expert Appointed

Dr. Jerome Healy joins the Evai ratings development team as AI and ML senior analyst.


Tier 1 Exchange Identified

Founders set their sights on Tier 1 Exchange listing partners after a full review of potential exchange partners and numerous early offers from a range of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.


Token Pre-Sale Rounds Closed completes six-sellout Token pre-sale rounds. The project is fully funded ($1.2m) and ready to progress the development of the Evai ratings platform and grow to meet its objective of becoming a global business.


Funding Tier 4

Funding Complete and IEO Due soon.


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.49

EVAI (EV) Token is priced at $0.49 ahead of our IEO.


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.23

EVAI (EV) Token reaches $0.23 following successful Token Pre-Sale rounds.


EVAI (EV) Token Smart Contract Security Audit

EVAI (EV) Token Smart Contract Security Audit completed.


Chief Operating Officer

Stuart Paterson joins as’s Chief Operating Officer


Director of Communications

Will Heasman joins as Director of Communications and brings with him over 4 years’ experience working as a journalist for some of the world’s most respected cryptocurrency and blockchain media titles including Cointelegraph and Decrypt.


Evai Telegram

Evai Official Telegram Channel is launched at


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.21

EVAI (EV) Token is priced at $0.21 following successful pre-sale funding rounds.

01.09.2020 is Featured on Cryptoslate is featured on the popular crypto news site Cryptoslate.


Evai Ratings Platform Development Started

Development work is started on the data and ratings platform.


Whitepaper Translated to Arabic

The whitepaper is translated into Arabic language and available for download on


Co-founder Chief of Staff

Simon Reid joins as Chief of Staff and is awarded as co-founder status.

20.08.2020 is Featured on Decrypt

Prof Andros Gregoriou and are featured alongside key industry experts in a Decrypt feature article on Bitcoin price trends in the coronavirus era.

14.08.2020 is Featured on Coincodex project review is featured on the popular crypto channel Coincodex.


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.17

EVAI (EV) Token is currently priced at $0.17 following successful Token Pre-Sale rounds.


MENA Community Manager

Nabil Salini joins as Evai Middle East and North Africa Community Manager.


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.15

EVAI (EV) Token is currently priced at $0.15 following successful Token Pre-Sale rounds.

07.08.2020 is Featured on AMB Crypto project review and interview with Matt Dixon, CEO, features on AMB Crypto as we unveil our decentralised ratings model which aims to bridge crypto and traditional finance.


Economic Advisor Appointment

Jassim Al Hammadi joins the team as Economic Advisory.


Evai’s CEO on CNBC Arabia

Evai Founder Matthew Dixon visited the CNBC Arabia studio to discuss Bitcoin price movements and how to manage a successful cryptocurrency investment portfolio.


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.07

EVAI (EV) Token is currently priced at $0.07 for investors following successful Token Pre-Sale rounds.


Evai reviewed by leading crypto influencer WendyO

Leading cryptocurrency influencer CryptoWendyO reviewed on her show!


Data Governance specialist

Victoria Tanimowo joins as Data Governance specialist


The Future of Finance Webinar

Matthew Dixon, CEO, and Professor Andros Gregoriou, Chief Research Officer, feature on TheBusinessDesk webinar with host Ben Ormsby and special guest Rashee Pandey from Innovate Finance.

15.07.2020 makes its debut on Cointelegraph

News of Prof Andros Gregoriou’s breakthrough research and details of the Evai ratings model appear on the leading cryptocurrency news site Cointelegraph.


EVAI (EV) Token Pre-sale launched on ZBX

We are proud to launch our EVAI (EV) Token Pre-sale live on

EVAI (EV) Token is priced at $0.03 as we begin our Token Pre-Sale on


Chief Financial Officer

Marsela Tafa joins as Chief Financial Officer

10.07.2020 Translated to Arabic website is translated into Arabic for our Middle Eastern investor community.


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.02

EVAI (EV) Token is priced at $0.02 following successful initial funding rounds.


Funding Tier 3

20 Million Token Investment Tranche filled.


EVAI Token Wallet on Apple App Store

Evai mobile token wallet is launched on Apple App Store.


Director of Ratings Analysis Appointed

Dr. Rob Haywood joins as Director of Ratings Analysis


EVAI (EV) Token Price $0.01

EVAI (EV) Token is currently priced at $0.01 following successful initial funding rounds.


Chief Marketing Officer hires Nick Hamilton as Chief Marketing Officer who brings over 15 years’ experience working on global campaigns for renowned brands including Coca-Cola, Shell, Heineken, Adidas and Nike.


Funding Tier 2

9.1 Million Token Investment Tranche Filled.

02.03.2020 is launched website is launched to give crypto and traditional investors an overview of the business strategy and core business proposition.


Brand Development

Branding development work is completed on and sets the future direction for the Evai brand across all key marketing channels.


Chief Technology Officer hires Johnny Huntington as Chief Technology Officer


Funding Tier 1

3.9 Million Token Investment Tranche Filled.

14.01.2020 Domain name booked

We add and 20 other secured Evai names to our domain list.


EVAI Token Wallet on Android

Evai mobile token wallet is launched on Android.


Co-founder and Business Advisor

Ian Hamilton joins as co-founder and Business Advisor and brings his wealth of experience applying emerging technologies to traditional industry sectors.

10.07.2019 launched is launched to facilitate EVAI (EV) token investments using BTC, ETH and XRP.

01.06.2019 Smart Token Contract

The EVAI (EV) Token smart contract is completed using ERC20 and launched on Metamask



The EVAI (EV) token modelling is completed.


Evai Linkedin Channel launched’s official linkedin channel is launched at


Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Arif Al Otaibi joins as a Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Dixon takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer for


Academic Review

Indepth academic review completed by Professor Andros Gregoriou, University of Brighton, UK.


6 Core Criteria

The 6 core ratings criteria is developed by Professor Andros Gregoriou, University of Brighton, UK.



The initial whitepaper is developed for by Matthew Dixon and Professor Andros Gregoriou, University of Brighton, UK.



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